Playbell & Co. adopts an "electronic signature only" policy


01 June 2020

As a new age law firm, we are proud to announce the adoption of a “no wet ink” policy.


In other words, except where expressly required by law or special circumstances, Playbell & Co. will utilize leading technology in electronic signatures, for itself and for its clients, in the execution of agreements and other various documents by “advanced electronic signatures”.


This not only legally valid and permitted but it has higher evidentiary value that the prevailing standard practices of “email, print, sign, scan, circulate and save” especially in cross border transactions.


In short, the technology used will generate a unique digital key with embedded data for each document and signature. Such technology not only offers convenience and practicality but it has the highest security and encryption standards and is fully compliant in terms of data privacy and protection.


We are certain this is the future in terms of signing documents and we hope that other colleagues will follow our example so as to achieve uniformity and a new “norm”. By evolving our standard practices we hope to achieve convenience, reduced costs, and most of all increased data security for us and our clients.