Our commercial practice advises and facilitates our clients commercial activities in a wide range of industries and in fact it prides itself for ingenuity, creativity and bespoke drafting skills on commercial agreement providing simple and effective solutions for any level of complexity while meticulously addressing sector specific particularities, whether that be technology, constructions, real estate services, energy, trade and, even licenced activities, such as the provision of investment services.

This practice area customarily entails advice and assistance on the following indicative matters:

  • Sale and purchase of movable assets, such as machinery, equipment, inventory etc;
  • Sale and purchase of immovable property;
  • Sale and purchase of goods or products;
  • Services Agreements;
  • Bespoke Agreements of any type of nature catering to industry specific needs;
  • Assignment Agreements;
  • Novations, Amendment and Restatement of Agreements;
  • General contract law issues.